MC2 Goes to Gettysburg Day 1

After a 5 am depart time and a few stops (one in Scranton, PA to see the Italian side of Eddie’s family), MC2 successful arrived at Gettysburg National Military Park.

Shaun at the historic Cyclorama.


After the Visitors Center we went to the hotel located at historic General Lee’s Headquarters (more info about the Headquarters tomorrow).  Here is the view from the hotel of the 1st day portion of the battlefield.  The woods to the left of the sign is where Union General John Reynolds was killed on July 1, 1863.


After checking into the hotel we visited the Cashtown Inn in Cashtown, PA.  The Cashtown Inn is famous for the Confederate Army stopping on their way as they advanced to Gettysburg.


The Cashtown Inn is also famous for a picture taken that supposedly has a ghost of a Confederate soldier (to the left of the man in the photo).  What do you think?


We then followed the advance of the Confederate Army (specifically Heth’s Division) towards Gettysburg.  After a shoddy parking job by Eddie on Knoxlyn Road students visited the site that Marcellus Jones of the 8th Illinois lifted his carbine on a fence post and took the first shot of the battle at General Heth’s advancing division.


As the sun set over the battlefield the group went to eat supper at the wonderful Dobbins House.  Built in 1776 conversation ranged from its role during the Revolution, to its role as a house on the Underground Railroad and lastly its role during the battle where it served as a hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers.



Overall it has been a very pleasant first day despite some chilly temperatures!



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